Message from the President

Kiso-Jiban started as a geotechnical specialist in Japan in 1953. As the words “Kiso-Jiban” mean “a foundation ground” in Japanese, Kiso-Jiban’s business initially focused in soil and geological investigation, in-situ and laboratory testing, numerical analyses, and geotechnical instrumentation. Since then, Kiso-Jiban has expanded its professional services to civil/structural design, maintenance of infrastructures, pollution and disaster management, energy development, etc., to accommodate the public demand in Japan. We are proud of our contribution to the development of Japan

In addition to the domestic market, Kiso-Jiban started overseas operation at the very beginning of our history and keeps expanding the business for more than 60 years overcoming the tough international competition. Kiso-Jiban has been involved in large scale projects on rivers, railways, roads, bridges, port facilities, dams, airports, reclamation, energy facilities, underground space, and so on worldwide.

There are underground risks which can cause natural disasters and fatal accidents during construction. The success of any development or construction depends on the ability to identify and manage the unforeseeable risks. By keeping our focus in geotechnical engineering, Kiso-Jiban will continue to provide comprehensive solutions to the satisfaction of our customers.

Dr.Yoshiyuki YAGIURA