Company Motto and Governance

Company motto

  1. We develop technologies and foster personnel worthy of high regard and high reward, and use a high level of technological capability and proper judgment to sincerely provide our services to clients.
  2. The company respects the individual characters of employees, evaluates their efforts and performances fairly, and treats them appropriately.
  3. Employees understand their own duties as well as the company management system, and work together to create a bright and active working environment.
  4. We strive to develop markets for our novel and advanced technologies and achieve our goals for orders and production. Based on our achievements, we strive to create a company with a strong and stable business base and the capital strength required for technological development and other business matters.

Corporate governance and Internal control

In order to fulfill the company's social responsibilities, Kiso-Jiban Consultants implements internal control based on the company's business philosophy and motto. The purpose is to achieve the following aims in order to ensure appropriate governance.

  1. Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations
  2. Ensure the reliability of the company's financial reports
  3. Promote legal compliance relating to business operations
  4. Preserve assets

To ensure effective internal control, we operate systems based on the following six elements.

1. Environment for control

The company operates a system to carry out business based on proper and effective personnel management and the performance of duties under the company motto.

2. Risk evaluation and response

The company implements risk management rules and ensure that they are carried out.

3. Internal control activity

he company strives for workable mutual supervision and transparent internal control by operating a work management system based on the Rules for Division of Duties and Authority.

4. Information and communication

The company properly identifies, understands, and processes all information related to the company's activities according to the Rules for Information Security Management and the operational procedures for information security.
Moreover, the company promptly and accurately communicates all necessary internal and external information.

5. Measures for IT (Information Technology)

The company promotes appropriate measures relating to the company's IT environment and its use and control through the company's information service business, which is based on the company's information technology.

6. Monitoring (surveillance activity)

The company operates an Internal Control Office that is independent of the company's business organizations. The Internal Control Department carries out routine surveillance, evaluation, and correction of the internal control.
Moreover, the company has an Internal Control Committee to promote internal control and create proper internal control reports.