Special Laboratory Test

Study on Solid Bulk Cargoes Which May Shift in the Vessel’s Cargo Hold during the Voyage Due to Liquefaction

Some kinds of cargoes have high moisture content and may shift due to the vessel’s moves during the voyage. This may cause capsizing and sinking of a ship in the worst case scenario. One of mechanism of cargoes shifting during the voyage is liquefaction. The pore water pressure in the cargo may increase due to vessel’s moves during the voyage. Thus, the resisting shearing stress of cargo becomes smaller and the cargo starts shifting.

Kiso-Jiban performs cyclic undrained triaxial test and consolidated-undrained triaxial compression test for cargos with moisture adjusted. So we can consider that moisture content of cargos gives an influence on shearing stress. Moreover our equipment can carry out the tests for specimen size up to 300 mm diameter, which enables test for cargos having a relatively large particle. The test result is being widely used for the basis regarding the study of cargos shitting during the voyage.

Kiso-Jiban provides triaxial tests for liquefaction of Vessel’s cargo during the voyage.