3D Modelling & Analyses

3D Geological Modeling

We incorporate all geological datasets at regional and local scales and interpolate the space based on our geologist’s expertise.
We are developing the national 3D geological model of Singapore and have provided some models for geotechnical usage at the projects in Indonesia, Laos and Turkey.

Geological surveys and interpretations are located at the most upper stream of civil construction and are utilized for the subsequent phases, engineering, construction and maintenance etc.
Recently, 3D geological modeling which represents comprehensive geological frameworks is introduced to many projects in all over the world.
The 3D geological model particularly takes advantage of visualization for the risk of geology, which sometimes brings a serious problem to structures.
The 3D geological model is created with all available information, observations, analyses and interpretations based on our geologist’s expertise.
The models can be directly applied to the series of numerical analyses and designs.
In addition, we can satisfy any practical requests of the project, calculation of excavation volume or arrangement of road and facilities etc.

Source: T. Yasuda et al. (2019)


The complexity of many underground work requires multiple unique engineering solutions, both in term of design & construction. Advanced FEM is a useful tool to carry out vigorous analysis to better understand complex engineering challenges in construction. Most importantly, it helps geotechnical engineers anticipate ground response at each critical stage of construction.

In project 1, the design and construction of MRT structures has become more complex due to the congested environment especially when it comes to building interchange station. Interchange station will have to be constructed deeper and abutting to “live” MRT structures which may require underpinning works. The stringent requirements within the MRT reserve pose many challenges to designers to develop a safe and robust construction solution. PLAXIS 3D has been used to model and analyse the complex construction and to provides comprehensive ground deformation prediction.

In project 2, the design and construction of deep basement for building at close proximity to existing MRT tunnels and waterway pose many challenges to designers to develop a safe and robust construction solution. PLAXIS 3D has been used to model and analyse the construction by considering 3D corner effect to provide reasonable and comprehensive ground deformation prediction to meet the stringent movement requirement.

In project 3, PLAXIS 3D has be used to analyse overall excavation in one model instead of PLAXIS 2D where more than 2 analysis models may be required. The 3D FEM takes into account corner effect. Therefore, the design of each strut and water, as well as reinforcement in the earth retaining wall, can be optimised.

Project 1: Marina Bay Station Underground Construction

Project 2: Punggol Waterway Residential & Commercial Building Basement Construction

Project 3: Case Study using PLAXIS 3D to design & analyse overall excavation