Past Major Projects


K.L. International Airport

The new low cost carrier terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport known as KLIA 2 is located approximately 1.5km away from the existing Kuala Lumpur International Airport Main Terminal. The geotechnical services provided include supervision of detailed site investigation, soil profile interpretation and determination of soil parameters for analysis. We also performed pile analysis, slope and excavation stability studies. The entire site is underlain by a thick layer of very soft to soft clay with maximum thickness of 18m. Kiso-Jiban addressed the presence of this thick soft clay layer in pile studies with consideration of the effect of negative skin friction on the piles. The stability of embankment and excavation during construction are given considerable emphasis in this weak ground condition.

Project Name K.L. International Airport 2
Owner Name Government, Malaysia
Client Name TYLin (International) Sdn. Bhd.
Year 2010 - 2013
Location Malaysia
Capabilities Geotechnical
Job Scopes Soil investigation, geotechnical design of pile foundation, slope and excavation stability studies