Past Major Projects


Marina Coastal Expressway Contract 487

Marina Coastal Expressway comprises a 3.5 kilometers underground tunnel, while the rest will be at grade or depressed, with a scenic view of the Straits of Singapore. The C487 comprises of the construction of underground twin box tunnel and four slip roads. At C487 site, the twin box tunnel is approximately 700 m long which continues from the recently constructed KPE tunnel at Chainage: CH 5+800 to Chainage: CH 5+100 and Slip road 01 & Slip road 04 are approximately 1000m and 1300m, respectively. Contract 487 is awarded to Sato Kogyo(S) Pte Ltd - Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd Joint Venture at a sum of S$732.6 million for main contractor. Kiso-Jiban is engaged to provide geotechnical design service of Temporary Earth Retaining Structures and trunk sewer line. The proposed temporary retaining system consists of tubular pipe pile wall O1400mm x t16 @ 2.79m c/c with sheet pile AZ18-700 supported by 3 levels of strut @ 6.5m c/c. Soil improvement (JGP & DSM) with a total thickness of 5m to 8m is applied soffit of the final excavation level.

Project Name Marina Coastal Expressway Contract 487
Owner Name Land Transport Authority of Singapore
Client Name Sato Kogyo(S) Pte. Ltd - Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd Joint Venture
Year 2008 - 2013
Location Singapore
Capabilities Geotechnical
Job Scopes Geotechnical design of temporary retaining wall for excavation (Soil investigation and geotechnical instrumentation)