Past Major Projects

Shell Houdini

Shell Houdini MEG Project

This is a downstream project by Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte. Ltd. whereby a secondary refinery was developed in the PCS Refinery Complex in Pulau Ayer Merbau, Jurong Island. The project entailed a temporary nearshore loading bay adjacent to the development, several large reactors, tanks, various refining facilities, etc. in support of the main refinery complex in Pulau Ular and Pulau Bukom Islands. This is also a fast-track project in which Soil Investigation works were conducted in concurrent with the foundation design whereby the piling materials and their quantities were ordered in advance to expedite the development of this Shell Houdini MEG Project. In this project, the bearing capacity of the surficial fills was investigated for the special crane movement for lifting the heavy reactors and prefabricated plant modules into position. Environment Baseline Study was also conducted as a legal requirement to be submitted to the main land lease, M/s Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore.

Project Name Shell Houdini MEG Project
Owner Name Shell Eastern Petroleum Co. Ltd.
Year 2006 to 2008
Location PCS Refinery Complex, Pulau Ayer Merbau, Singapore
Capabilities Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering Works
Job Scopes Land and Marine Soil Investigation, Environmental Baseline
Study Instrumentation & Monitoring and Foundation
Engineering Design