Kiso-Jiban and NGI Sign MOU on Offshore Wind Energy

Press Release

Kiso-Jiban Consultants Co., Ltd. (KJC) President Dr. Yoshiyuki Yagiura and Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Pty Ltd (NGI) Managing Director of Perth office Dr. Noel Boylan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) relating to cooperation between KJC and NGI with a focus on geotechnical expertise for Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) in Japan.

KJC is a leading geotechnical consulting firm in the field of OWF in Japan and has experience in geophysical/geotechnical investigation for OWF design and application to ClassNK, a certification committee for OWF in Japan.

NGI has over 50 years' experience in offshore geotechnical engineering. NGI’s industry-leading expertise in a wide range of geo-services supports OWF projects from initial concept through to design, installation and operation.

KJC will contribute with knowledge of site-specific conditions and practices related to offshore geophysical and geotechnical investigations in Japan, as well as subsequent evaluations related to OWF. NGI will provide extensive knowledge related to scoping and planning site investigations, design of foundations and anchors and experience related to the installation and performance of fixed and floating wind structures, in addition to competence related to seismic/geohazard assessment for OWF outside of Japan.

The two parties will jointly undertake work related to geotechnical investigations, site characterization and foundation design when appropriate project opportunities in the offshore wind sector arise, and furthermore collaborate on research activities in the field of offshore geohazard assessment in Japan.

Remote signing amid COVID-19 pandemic

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