GP Sampling Has Been Recognised As Category A Sampling in ISO 22475-1:2021


Our Gel-Push (GP) Sampling has been recognised as the category A sampling, the highest category of sampling method in ISO 22475-1:2021 “Geotechnical investigation and testing – Sampling methods and groundwater measurements – Part 1:Technical principles for sampling soil, rock and groundwater” revised on October 2021. The category A sampling aims to obtain the samples in which structure, texture consistency and in-situ stresses are intact.
GP Sampler has been developed by Kiso-Jiban Consultants in cooperation with Professor Tani, of Graduated School of Engineering, Yokohama National University, from single tube type, triple tube type into stationary piston type since 1996. In Japan, GP Sampling has been widely adopted in the sampling of loose coarse soil of which it was challenging to obtain undisturbed soil samples, and the geotechnical investigation works for critical structures where high-quality of soil sample are desired. GP sampling has been utilised also in Asia and Europe and acclaimed especially for the liquefaction study and the soil sampling for tailings dam.